Luxury Wedding Cakes – 5 tips for Small Wedding Cake ideas

For thousands of couples, 2020 was to be the year that they were to be married. However, due to  COVID 19  their dream wedding has been postponed and for some not once but twice. As a wedding supplier this has effected my business a great deal, most of my bookings now are heading into 2022.

With the Government restrictions having changed recently from 30 to 15 for weddings including the couples, many have decided to go ahead with their wedding. So, instead of postponing again they are opting for a more intimate celebration with only their nearest and dearest present.

With the wedding being smaller this would also mean that they may want to adjust the cake size. So after booking their wedding cake for the first date would they still require that large luxury wedding cake?

For some small wedding cake inspiration I have included some of my designs. You will see that you can indeed have a small wedding cake and still have that luxury wedding cake look too.

1. Small Wedding Cake

Having a small wedding cake doesn’t mean it can’t be a Luxury Wedding Cake, as you can see in the above image.  I make all sizes and styles of wedding cakes from a single tier to a 7 tier cake.  If you choose to have a smaller version of your original Wedding Cake design, I can easily adapt the design.

2. Single tier Luxury Wedding Cakes

You may ask can a single tier wedding cake still be classed as a small wedding cake? Yes of course, it also can still be eye catching with delicate details or a simple flower arrangement.

You can choose from having a simple arrangement of fresh flowers or to add that bit of yumminess, some freshly made Macarons will certainly get your guests wanting a slice of the cake. Many couples really like the thought of having a single tier with cupcakes, so they can give out to guests that weren’t able to attend. This is a fab idea and also means that they can also have a selection of flavours, which is always a win win.

3. The Naked Wedding Cake

Some people think that a ‘Naked’ style Wedding cake is boring especially if it’s a small wedding cake.  However there are so many ways of making it still look gorgeous.

4. Luxury Wedding Cakes

Now you may be thinking, how can a small wedding cake be a luxury wedding cake? Your wedding day is so special and you may still want to have the same luxuries for their smaller wedding but have a mini version.

Just because you are now having a small wedding cake doesn’t mean it can’t be different either.  I am used to making all sorts of designs (often wacky ones too!) So to me doing something different is one of my trademarks.

If you would like to see more of my Wedding Cake designs please click HERE

5. I still want the same size cake I booked

What if you decide that you don’t want to downsize to a small wedding cake?  No problem we can still create the original design you booked however many months ago.  You may not want so many portions, so we can replace one or two of the tiers with a fake cake, meaning that the cake will still look impressive.  This too will mean that no cake will get wasted and you’ll save some money! I hope you have been inspired with this blog showing you that you can still have a beautiful small wedding cake even with your guest list scaled down.

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Luxury Wedding Cakes - 5 tips for Small Wedding Cake ideas

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