Luxury Wedding Cakes – How to choose your Wedding Cake Design

One of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding is the design of your wedding cake.  After the dress (sorry grooms, a tux is just not that exciting) and the venue, your cake is the focal point of your wedding day.

Cutting the cake together, posing beside it, it’s all part of the day’s romance.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting married in a grand venue HOLMEWOOD HALL or celebrating your nuptials in a cosy pub/hotel THE QUEENS HEAD HOTEL NASSINGTON.  The cake will be pictured and remembered by you and your guests for years to come.

So here’s some helpful pointers on how to Choose your wedding cake design

Things to consider when choosing your Wedding Cake Design

My job as a wedding cake designer is to guide you as well as give you advice on what is no doubt one of the most talked about aspects of your wedding.  So let me talk through some things you need to consider when choosing your wedding cake design.

Most couples have a date and venue already booked so the other elements of the wedding will start to fall into place.

The venue, how many people you want the cake to feed, the size, the time of year, your budget and your design.  Would you like something quite simple or a luxury wedding cake that is bespoke with hand made sugar flowers and intricate detail.  All these things are worth considering when choosing your wedding cake design.

The venue

We all know that the British weather isn’t reliable and in the summer months we can have variable temperatures.  So If you are holding your wedding in a marquee or even a rustic Barn you need to consider these factors.

Some marquess don’t have air conditioning so they can get very warm.  If you have a chocolate covered cake the temperature can seriously affect this.  A naked or even partial naked cake can become dry.  Most wedding cakes are left out on display for many hours before being cut and served to your guests.  The last thing that you will want is for your cake to melt or become dry before being served.

The Design

When it comes to designing your wedding cake, nowadays the tradition of bringing all the elements of your wedding together onto your cake seems to be going out of trend.  We create all sorts of wedding cakes from the simple naked looking cake to the luxurious and bespoke  (and sometimes crazy ) designs.  You can literally have anything.

Couples come to me saying that they’ve been told they must have this or that on their cake, for example ‘We have been told the fruit cake has to be the bottom tier.’

The most important thing I say to them during the wedding cake consultation is that it’s your Wedding. The cake should be the design of their choice and one which you are both happy with. 

So whether you want a 6 tier luxury wedding cake with hand crafted flowers,  a carved novelty wedding cake or a cake that completely surprises everyone.  Your cake designer can use your ideas and create that perfect wedding cake masterpiece that will be the talking point of your wedding day.

If you would like to see more of my Wedding Cake designs please see HERE

The Size

The size of your cake does depend on how many you want it to feed. It doesn’t have to be big enough to feed all of your guests but you do want it to make a visual impact.

So before you have your initial wedding cake consultation, it’s a good idea to have an approximate idea of the number of guests you are inviting.  Usually your cake will feed around 75-80% of your guests, as the cake is the very last thing that will get eaten.  Plus you don’t want to have any cake going to waste.  This will also give your cake designer an idea for pricing.

Most couples tend to choose a three or four tier design which can easily feed around 120 guests.

If your numbers are smaller and you still like the look of a three or four tier we can substitute one of the tiers with a fake cake.  It is iced the same as a real cake and nobody will know it wasn’t real and it can also save you money.

Your Budget

If you have a budget in mind, be honest with your cake designer.  Cake makers need to have an idea of budget before designing the wedding cake with you as this will directly affect numbers of tiers and detail.

For example: If a client came to me and wanted a 6 tier Luxury Wedding cake, with a budget of £200 it wouldn’t be possible for me to make a cake within that price bracket.

How much?

The big question, how much will you be paying for your wedding cake?  As mentioned above there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account with the pricing of your cake.

Our smallest wedding cakes start around £300 and can reach to well over £700.

No matter which Wedding cake maker you choose, you will be paying much more for your wedding cake than any other sweet treat in your life.  Why I hear you ask?  Because you are paying for their expertise, time, love and creativity that the professional cake maker will put into their creations.

So basically, the more tiers you have, the more intricate detail or even characters on your cake this will add to the cost.

I hope you have found this wedding cake advice helpful.

You can find more Wedding cake tips HERE

If you would like to discuss your wedding cake design please CONTACT me.

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